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Making Pizza Dough



We will arrive 1 hour before the start of the service to set up and warm up the oven. We can set up on the driveway or if we can fit we will set up in the backyard.


We start by circulating our large selection of different types of pizzas on rotation throughout the function till everyone is absolutely full.

This includes multiple type of meat, vegetarian, chicken, and seafood pizzas.

The pizzas are cut into small slices so they are easy to eat, and guests will help themselves one slice at the time while holding a glass of wine or beer. Guests will get to try all our pizzas throughout the function till everyone is absolutely full.  

The service is either ran by a waiter who walks the platters around like a stand-up cocktail party or as a buffet service where guests will line up and help themself from buffet table.


After the speeches or presentation we will serve the dessert pizza alongside you own cake or sweets.


Before we pack up, we leave trays of leftover pizzas for your guests to enjoy later on the night.


Getting in touch with us is easy.

1)     Send us an enquiry via our enquiry/booking page. Or if you prefer you can call us on 0411160443

2)     We will promptly get you on the phone for a detailed chat about your event, explain how the catering works and discuss the best options for your type of function.

3)     A written quote with prices and packages will be emailed to you.

4)     Once you're happy to go ahead reply with your confirmation and your booking will be processed and emailed back to you.

Easy done!

NOTE: "We price ALL events the same, we DON'T inflate our prices for weddings ;-)"


On Wednesday before the function we will call you to confirm final details like: number of guests, starting time, dietary requirements and payments options.

For wedding's the "schedule of the day" is due at least 1 month prior.

Pizza Catering Perth
Pizza Catering Perth Baldivis Farm Stay
Pizza Catering Perth Buffet
Pizza Catering Perth Buffet
Pizza Catering Perth

We price all

events the same. 

We DON'T inflate our prices for weddings

Most frequently asked questions

Q: Can I book and confirm number of guests later?


A: Yes, the final number are only needed on the Wednesday of the week of the function.


Gas & Wood COMBO oven

This oven is a custom made gas/wood assisted pizza oven ideal for any functions from 30 to 450+ guests or even bigger with multiple ovens. 
This set up is purposely built in house with quality, quantity, efficiency and speed in mind and is ideal for large function as it can cook 12 pizzas at a time with a 5 min gap in between each round.

  • Ideal for large weddings, engagements or any parties from 30 to 450+ people functions.

  • Ideal for work functions that are time-sensitive like events limited to 1 hour lunch service with guests in a rush to return back to work after lunch. 

  • Ideal for school fundraiser, business meetings, product launches. 

  • This oven can handle a buffet style service as we can cook up to 150 pizzas/hour. 


It sits on a trailer 1.7m wide and as long as the entrance to the backyard is wide enough we can set up almost anywhere in the heart of the party. Alternatively the front yard or garage will do.


Ideal for any weather conditions including stormy or windy days. 

Wood fired oven

Fully wood operated. Western Australian made and it cooks 3 pizzas at the time so it's great for intimate functions between 30 to 60 guests.


The oven sits on a trailer 1.7m wide and as long as the entry to the backyard is wide enough we can set up almost anywhere in the heart of the party. Alternatively the front yard or garage will do.

This oven might have difficulties operating during bad weather especially during windy days. 

All ovens cannot do steps and need to be on a levelled hard surface to drive or be stationed on. Please allow the equivalent of a car bay area for set up.


In the event of heavy rain & wind we will require an undercover option like a carport or garage. The ovens can sit outside while the preparation station undercover. No damage to your garage ceiling.

All of our ovens are custom made to our specifications and they're all one offs exclusively built in-house. They sit on trailers and can be moved by hand with ease as long as the surface is flat and there is no sand, steps or soft grass. If the site is on grass we'll need to drive the trailer on the spot.

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