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Over the years many schools have sourced our services for end of year graduations, teacher/parent nights, fathering project events, sports carnival wind up and others.

This was done through our BUFFET or WAITER service designed specifically to handle such events.


We have also designed another type of catering  tailored more toward fundraisers, carnivals, school nights & fete where the school purchases a set amount of pizzas to sell for profit and their own prices.

CALL FOR A CHAT 0411 160 443 


Quiz Nights are super popular but very problematic to cater for. Things can get complicated when dealing with lot of people who have a short period of time to eat before the game starts.

Our BUFFET service is by far the fastest and more efficient way to solve this problem because it's designed to feed up to 150 participants within one hour.

CALL FOR A CHAT 0411 160 443




Parents night


Facebook review

Cicciobello Gourmet Pizzas recently catered for our school parent group function (on recommendation from another group at school). It was brilliant. So easy to organise. Fantastic delicious Pizzas and so much of it!! It seemed to just keep coming all night ......and then there was the dessert pizza too. I really recommend this as a good value quality catering option for a group function. Thank you Luca and to your staff on the night.

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